Lean Learning Center

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The Lean Learning Center is a leading thought leader that works with organizations to transform their culture into a lean thinking culture. The Lean Learning Center addresses the gaps and barriers that are holding back an organization from implementing a sustainable lean culture.

The Lean Learning Center has developed a unique learning environment designed especially for adult learners utilizing techniques that include discovery simulations, case studies, personal planning and reflections —engaging people to have a deeper and personal understanding of lean thinking




Gazelles International Coaches

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Gazelle International Coaches is a Global Network of experienced coaches with over 1,650 years of experience, impacting the world by collaborating with more than 1,700 companies in six continents worldwide that contribute more than $42 billion in combine revenue to the global economy.

Gazelle International Coaches have access to the best education through ongoing training, webinars, conferences, and best tools (Four Decisions Intellectual Property); as well as access to some of the best business thought leaders, such as Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, and Jack Stack.

Gazelle International Coaches focus primarily on the development of mid-market companies (revenue from $1M to $250M) using the Four Decision TM as the framework for growth



EDP Management

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EDP is a leading Midwest executive coaching organization that works with executives to enhance their leadership style and achieve a clearer self portrait of themselves to better understand their leadership style and the affect it has on the organization.

EDP programs take the executive to a level that goes well beyond traditional training programs and make them better leaders who are able to create strong teams that deliver exceptional results.