Free 4D Assessment

Learn how prepared your company is for sustainable growth, The Gazelles Way, by taking the Free 4D Assessment.

Developed by Verne “The Growth Guy” Harnish himself, the 4D assessment is simple yet powerful. It takes 5 -10 minutes to complete and can be used by your executive team. The assessment focuses on the 4 key decisions all companies must get right—People, Strategy, Execution and Cash—or risk leaving significant revenue, profits and time on the table.

From this Assessment, you will receive:

  • Your team’s #1 Strength and #1 opportunity
  • Breakdown of the 4 key decisions that all companies must get right and where your company ranks on each of them.
  • Personalized recommended course to help you take advantage of your area of opportunity; and
  • A one-on -one meeting to discuss the analysis of your personal report and the option of a complimentary 2-hour executive coaching session with your executive team to gain their perspective on the strengths and challenges of scaling up.

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Free 4D Assessment

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