Growing Your Business

Growing your business: How a Few companies make it and why the rest don’t.

Learn how a simple planning process can accelerate your company’s performance, grow revenue, improve profits, and allow you more time to enjoy the climb.

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Craig Janusz, Strategic Solutions Enterprise

Craig has over 30 years of experience leading organizations. He has successfully scaled up his own private manufacturing company from start up to over $ 10 million in sales, and sold it to a major competitor. Craig currently works with entrepreneurs looking for a better way to scale up their organization.
Craig will be presenting a proven planning process developed by Vern Harnish from Gazelle International. A ONE-PAGE planning process has helped over 20,000 executives and leadership teams to scale their business successfully. Learn the foundation of scaling up by aligning the four key decisions all companies must get right—PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION and CASH.

Attend this FREE breakfast meeting and learn how your company can grow your revenue and improve profitability by using a simple ONE- PAGE PLANNING PROCESS.

June 14, 2017

Olivet Nazarene University
625 Kenmoor Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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Effective Strategic Planning For Business Growth

Effective Strategic Planning For Business Growth

We work with clients by bringing clarity to the four key decisions all companies must get right to drive sustainable revenue and profitability.The four key decisions are PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, CASH. We help leadership teams to focus ON THE BUSINESS to dominate their market niches.

We first begin this process by listening, observing, and assessing the current culture, strategy and disciplines within your company. We then act as the catalyst to bring ACTION to your leadership team together by using simple tools and carefully thought out questions that allow your leadership team to challenge the status quo and focus ON THE BUSINESS. We are the change agents; that bring out the critical thinking skills that allow your company to achieve accelerated growth rates and profits compared to their peers.

We do not bring burdensome processes that add complexity to your company. Our program is supported by proven simple tools developed by VERN HARNISH from THE GAZELLE INSTITUTE that have been used by thousands of companies to scale up their companies for sustainable revenue and profit growth. We bring clarity to the daily, weekly, monthly priorities to insure the right focus is being given to the four key decisions all companies must get right,PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, and CASH.  We help companies enjoy the climb on scaling their business for sustainable revenue and profitability.

We have a unique pricing structure that guarantees that we bring value to your company

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and provide a free assessment on how we could work together to DRIVE SUSTAINABLE REVENUE AND IMPROVE PROFITS.


We should talk.
Our conversation will be about the specific challenges you want to resolve now:

Is it about your people?
Is your strategy not as clear as it should be?
Is the execution not at the level of quality or consistency your client’s expect?
Is your sales force not producing the results that you require?
We’ll tailor a program that will include, strategic planning, executive coaching, workshops, assessments or training that will introduce you and your leadership team to a suite of Best Practices culled from today’s thought leaders.  These have been proven effective in thousands of fast paced, growth companies around the world.


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Companies That Embrace Innovation Will Succeed


The Lean Learning Center reviews organizations that have embraced change and stood the test of time.

In our article about the importance of innovation and creativity to an organization’s success, we discussed the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company: The average lifespan has declined from 61 years in 1955 to 18 years in 2014. However, not all company lifespans are getting smaller… Some companies are displaying remarkable staying power, celebrating over 100 years in existence.

Companies over 100 years old:

1802 DuPont and Company
1806 Colgate-Palmolive Company
1837 Procter & Gamble
1866 Sherwin-Williams
1872 Kimberly-Clark Corp.
1876 Eli Lilly and Company
1883 PPG Industries
1886 Johnson & Johnson
1888 Libbey Inc.
1888 Hubbell Inc.
1894 The Hershey Company
1896 Tootsie Roll Industries
1898 Goodyear Tire & Rubber
1899 Timken Company
1902 3M Company
1903 Harley-Davidson Motor Company
1903 Ford Motor Company
1903 Anderson Corporation
1905 Ingersoll RAND Company
1906 Xerox
1911 IBM Corporation
1911 Whirlpool Corporation
1913 Clorox Company
Why, then, do some companies grow while others cease to exist? Are there characteristics in common among organizations that last? We would like to suggest that the answer is YES. Companies that stand the test of time are able to do so because they change with the times. When it comes to modernization, it’s either adapt or say goodbye!

“Having a product or service that continues to adapt to the needs of customers is paramount to making a company successful in the long term,” says Michael Zinsser, a partner in the Boston consulting group.

A key part of fostering innovation within an organization is the ability to engage and empower the workforce. When employees feel good about the work they do they believe that the firm is investing in them, as well as providing opportunities to contribute to the organization success. We find those companies that are able to create that loyalty and engagement are able to withstand a lot of external shocks and work together to keep the business going.

The Lean Learning Center is proud to note that at least eight of the companies over 100 years old are also our clients. We can help any organization foster innovation and creativity. Contact us for more information about how fostering innovation could change the future of your company.

Lean Learning Center – Troy, Michigan

The Lean Learning Center was founded in 2001 to address the gaps and barriers that are holding back companies from successful and sustainable lean transformation. In addition to the advanced curriculum, the Center has developed a learning environment designed specifically for adult learning utilizing techniques that include discovery simulations, case studies, personal planning, and reflection – ultimately engaging people at a deep and personal level. We bring our unique lean understanding in creative ways to executives, managers, supervisors, change agents and front-line employees.